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January 14, 1944
Tule Lake no longer under Army control.

January 20, 1944
Secretary of War Stimson announced that Japanese Americans were eligible for the draft.

May 24, 1944
Shoichi James Okamoto shot by camp soldier.

July 29, 1944
Federal Judge Louis E. Goodman dismissed indictments against 26 Tule Lake draft resisters, declaring "It is shocking... that an American citizen be confined on the ground of disloyalty, and then... be compelled to serve in the armed forces, or be prosecuted for not."

December 17, 1944
Public Proclamation No. 21 issued by Major General Henry C. Pratt (effective January 2, 1945), allowing evacuees to return home and lifting contraband regulations. The next day, two years and five months after it was filed, the Endo case was ruled on in the Supreme Court -- the WRA cannot detain "loyal" citizens. Executive Order 9066 and the evacuation was upheld in the Korematsu case.2 Justice Frank Murphy disagreed.

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