A New Age editor and sound designer, HANK CORWIN (Editor) brings to theatrical motion pictures a cornucopia of experience from the worlds of music videos (Nine Inch Nails) and hip advertising (e.g. Nike, Microsoft).

Corwin's feature career commenced in 1990 when Oliver Stone commissioned him to create a title sequence for JFK. He stayed on as an additional editor and has since cut three of the director's subsequent works, Nixon, Natural Born Killers and U-Turn.

Corwin hails from the state of New Hampshire. He studied neurobiology and history at the University of California, Berkeley in the mid-'70s, intending to become a doctor. However, after writing some plays he moved to New York where he worked at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre, taking various other salaried jobs on the side. These ranged from editing the Chinese Journal of Physics to bartending. The sudden death of a fellow bartender sent him rushing for "a real job."

That job turned out to be in a commercials film house. At first given only trims and outtakes to work with, he began experimenting with images and sound, ultimately developing a style and syntax all his own. Since music videos were just coming out, he was able to find employment in a creative, risk-taking environment. When Avid editing came in, he found himself in greater demand, working bi-coastally on commercials and public service announcements.

Corwin had scarcely completed The Horse Whisperer for Robert Redford when he was called to Australia for Snow Falling on Cedars. Director Scott Hicks considers his contribution major and invaluable: "He has a distinct visual language and grammar, a particular syntax which I was keen to harness."

Hank Corwin heads Lost Planet, his own company which edits music videos and commercials. Recent work includes music videos for Beck, LL Cool J and Porno for Pyros. Corwin and his wife, Nancy, are fully bi-coastal, with homes and offices in both Los Angeles and New York.

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